FIDH's first hundred years

Get to know us, and you'll want to help us.

1922-2022: FIDH’s 100-year anniversary

100 years of engagement, 100 years of challenges, of major victories –and some setbacks. Above all, 100 years of fighting for human rights.

Fights born from action. To act is to encourage the world to move in the right direction and to create the conditions for a more fair and just world. A society that respects the human rights of all. Everywhere, all the time. That is the universalist mandate of FIDH.

On 28 May 1922 FIDH was officially created in Paris. From May until December 1922, we will celebrate this centenary with our 192 member organisations around the world.

2022-2122: Another century of actions ahead

Climate crisis, growing inequality, threats to democracy and our personal data: the challenges of the century ahead are very real. We will confront them with audacity, determination and solidarity.

Let’s take advantage of this centenary to imagine our future rights together. Let us use our past as a reference point to invent our future.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the past century, it is that:

To act is the best way to hope.