Thinking about the rights of the future – reinventing human rights


By Ophélie

Thinking about the rights of the future – reinventing human rights

“Can the law save humanity, by protecting the climate and eradicating poverty?

It is with the forcefulness of this question posed by Diane Roman in her latest book (La cause des droits, Ecologie, progrès social et droits humains, Dalloz, 2022) that we open the cycle of conferences in honour of the FIDH’s centenary. While, yesterday, one of the first leaders of the FIDH, René Cassin, defended the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as “the most vigorous, the most necessary protest of humanity against the atrocities and oppressions of which so many millions of human beings have been victims over the centuries”, the climate emergency today, and the upheavals of the ecosystems that it implies, represent a planetary threat but also a challenge for the future of justice and the universality of human rights. The theoretical and practical stakes of these transformations of law and judicial practice will be highlighted through a dialogue between academic analysis, the expertise of the FIDH and the experience of people around the world who think about, fight for and, in the words of Diane Roman, “reinvent human rights”.

Event that has already taken place.

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