Palestine and the ICC Paralysis: Is Justice still Possible for Palestinians?


By Ophélie

After many years of endeavours to get access to justice, Palestinian civil society and victims welcomed the Prosecutor’s announcement that there was sufficient evidence proving the commission of war crimes in the territory of Palestine. However, seven years since the beginning of the preliminary investigation and more than a year after the opening of a full-fledged investigation, no concrete steps have been taken by the Court to put an end to the ‘impunity crisis’ in the Israeli-Palestinian setting. While the ICC has recently proved that it is capable of a prompt reaction over serious and urgent situations, the OTP’s seeming reluctance to select cases in the Palestine situation gives rise to a serious concern about a practice of double standards.

The present event brings together Palestinian NGOs senior officers, scholars, and artists to shed light on the on-going perpetration of serious violations of Palestinians’ fundamental rights and publicly denounce the lack of effective measures taken by the Court in one of the most documented situations for the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The public event aims to call upon all stakeholders to invite the Prosecutor to ensure that accountability in Palestine is pursued without any further delay.

Registration link here

Event co-organised by FIDH


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