Sawasiya Regional Seminar


By Ophélie

Economic and Social Inequalities in the Region

This seminar is organised in the framework of the project “Economic and Social Rights, Levers of Equality and Social Justice in North Africa and the Middle East – Sawasiya” implemented by FIDH and its five leagues: Al-Haq Foundation (Palestine), the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (Egypt), the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women (Morocco), the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (Tunisia) and the Lebanese Centre for Human Rights (Lebanon). FIDH aims to contribute to the coordinated mobilisation of several groups of actors of change: civil society organisations, leaders and activists of social movements, academics, research centres and intellectuals against inequalities, on the basis of economic, social and cultural rights, in particular the right to health and social security as defined in international human rights law.

It is designed to provide a space for discussion and exchange of experiences between activists, social movements, human rights groups and experts interested in the issue of economic and social rights to assess the reality in the countries of the region, to examine the dynamics and approaches of the struggle and to develop strategies to build power for change and a common space for solidarity and networking in order to push for greater economic and social equality in the region.

Seminar taking place from 13 to 14 May.


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