Video of the students of the University of Sceaux Paris Saclay


By Adéa

“Multinationals and Human Rights”: In partnership with the Institute for Public Law Studies (IEDP) and FIDH.

(Video – filmed interviews)

The Master 1 International and European Law – General Course at Sceaux focuses on the future of the legal framework of multinationals with regard to the protection of human rights. To grasp the legal and political stakes, they interview academics and experts from the FIDH.

With :

Maddalena Neglia, PhD, head of the globalization and human rights desk (FIDH), FIDH’s action to promote human rights in trade agreements – the UN framework
Jimena Reyes, head of FIDH’s Americas desk
Frédérique Coulée, professor of public law at the University of Paris Saclay, director of the master 2 business and human rights programme
Théo Baron, narrator, student in the M1 International and European Law – General Course (Jean Monnet Faculty)

Online in September 2022


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