Youth workshop 16-25 years old: “Thinking about the human rights of the future” – Paris


By Adéa

Workshop organized in partnership with the Quartier Jeunesse -QJ of Paris and the LDH

Climate change, growing inequalities, threats to democracy and to our personal data: the challenges of this new century are already burning. In the framework of its centenary, the FIDH will launch in June 2022 a vast citizen consultation on “the human rights of the future”.

What are the new rights that we will have to invent, adopt and implement tomorrow to meet the challenges of the coming century?

During one workshop scheduled for June 18, 2022, young Parisians and Ile-de-France residents aged 16 to 25 are invited to give their opinions and proposals on this subject at the QJ of Paris. Supervised by mediators from the city of Paris, in the presence of members of the FIDH and the LDH, the young people will reflect on how to complete the 1948 Universal Declaration with new articles.

The result of these workshops will be presented at the Paris City Hall on October 23 during the gala evening of the FIDH centenary.


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